11.22.21 - I guess it just wouldn't be the same without us. We're coming back again! May 26th - 29th. Rooster Walk 12 here we come. Tickets on sale now! Get em while they're cheap. Great lineup so far. Little Feat, Sol Driven Train, Mountain Heart, Tab Benoit and many more. TICKETS HERE!!!

Release day is upon us!!! Yarn's Appetite For Destruction Limited Edition Vinyl is available for preorder now through our online merch store. Watch the video for a sneak peak. Support the band and own a piece of Yarn history. When your vinyl ships you will be sent a link to download the MP3's. Order now before they're gone.


Side A
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone

Side B
Paradise City
Think About You
Sweet Child O' Mine
Rocket Queen

#gunsnroses #appetitefordestruction

11.17.21 - WINTER YARNIVAL NEWS & ADDITION TO THE LINEUP!  Blake's sister-in-law, Jenny Marie McAdams will be playing a set right before BIG DADDY LOVE on 12.31.  

ALSO, rumor has it that the folks at the farm are enclosing the viewing area in case it gets a bit cold.  We are also working on having a shuttle driver to and from the nearby hotels, so everyone can party hard and safely.  We'll keep you posted on both these developments.  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE NOW BEFORE PRICE GOES UP!!!

Password is YARNival2021


11.9.21 - Yarn - Appetite for Destruction PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE HERE

Hey y'all! Blake here. We had a long year and a half, and what better way to cap it off then with our next release. Recently we started recording covers of the 1987 Appetite For Destruction album by Guns N' Roses, after I sang a few on a livestream when in lockdown with a mild case of covid. We wound up having a whole lot of fun, tweaking and bending and trying to bring new life into some really classic songs. Along the way, we realized that what we were making was pretty unique and decided we should get it out to our fans. We thought to do a limited, collectors-edition run of vinyl. This is intended both as a way to offer a special collectors item and to provide an opportunity for you to support Yarn and keep the music alive. The first folks to buy get a signed limited edition Yarn N Roses poster. Please share this post and click the link to buy your copy and get it in time for Christmas, and oh what a gift it would be...

10.20.21 - JUST ANNOUNCED:  12.30 & 12.31.  2 nights of Yarn with other acts to be announced at Alder Creek Farm in Troy, VA, just outside Charlottesville.  Only 300 tickets available.  This hopes to be a small prelude to The Yarnival, hopefully coming late summer of 2022.  Camping is available for tents and RV's, all we ask for is a donation to the property owners.  Dress warm and if you'd like there is a hotel just down the road, Best Western in Zion Crossroads.  

Password for tickets is YARNival2021

GET TICKETS HERE FOR A Winter Yarnival...

9.21.21 - Well, I'm back, hoping to make it through the whole week with this installment of Morning Songs.  I woke up early this morning with some of these words already in my head and I had to get it done before Mandy and I drive up to Rocky Mount, VA to see the great Christopher Cross perform.  The tune this morning is still pretty dark but I will do my best to lighten it up tomorrow.  After listening back to this one a few times, I really heard my influences come through.  I rarely write in 3/4 but with the lyrics I had already written in bed, it seemed like the way to go.  I always think of my buddy, Rex Moroux when I write something in 3/4.  I also  hear a bit of my love for Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen coming through on this one.  Those are all tough shoes to fill but if its even a tenth as good as anything they've ever written, I'll take it.  Tomorrow's episode might be a little late since we're driving back from Virginia.  Anyway, like to hear it, hear it goes...

Morning Songs: Episode 26 - Goodbye Soldier

Fall is rolling in
Orange, red and brown 
And all our friends are falling like leaves

And the funeral marches are taking us home 
Bow your heads for the ones we all grieve 

We taste the salt on our lips 
To the back of our throats 
And our blood shot eyes
And our runny red nose 

Goodbye soldier 
You gave a hard fight 
The enemy was too strong this time
Besides, we all move along
To something better just beyond
And there ain't nothing wrong
With dying.  

Now winter is here
Black, white and grey
All our hearts have grown colder and numb 

You can feel the indifference 
It's not sad, it's just there 
We're all vacant with an old, cold, hard stare 

We taste the salt on our lips 
To the back of our throats 
And our blood shot eyes
And our runny red nose 

Goodbye soldier 
You gave a hard fight 
The enemy was too strong this time
Besides, we all move along
To something better just beyond
And there ain't nothing wrong
With dying.


9.20.21 - Looky what we have here.  Morning Songs is back, even if only for a day.    Haven't done this in a long long time.  But I woke up this morning, wrote this song, recorded it and now  I'm gonna share it with you.  The subject matter is to be expected.  Maybe I'll do another tomorrow, I just don't know.  But without further ado...

Morning Songs: Episode 25 - When The Good Die Young

What is this place? 
Why ain't it kind? 
While the good die young
The evil shine bright 

Well that ain't fair 
That's just life 
But when the next one comes
It better start playing nice 

Don't forget to hope
Have a little faith there's something more 

When the good die young 
Maybe they're the lucky ones 
And the life we leave behind 
Ain't nothin' but fallin', 
before the flight 

I'm still grateful 
For this life 
But when the next one comes 
I sure hope it's kind 

To the good ones
We lost to soon 
All their hopes and dreams 
Deserve to come true 

Don't forget to hope
Have a little faith there's something more 

When the good die young 
Maybe they're the lucky ones 
And the life we leave behind 
Ain't nothin' but  fallin', 
before the flight

7.8.21 - Hello Everybody!!!  Lots going on.  Plenty of shows, mostly East but one (or 2) West.  There have also been talks of The Yarnival, will it happen in 2022?  Who knows, but the wheels are in motion and we're going to try our best.  It's been an idea for at least 7 years and will someday come to fruition, we promise. 

As for the past few months, it couldn't have been better, the crowds, the energy, the band, the guests, C.B.S. all on fire.  LETS KEEP IT THIS WAY!!!  I think we all forgot how fun life truly is, well we've been reminded and what a gift, don't take it for granted. 

Here's some of whats coming.  This weekend were at Red Wing Roots Fest in Virginia with The Steel Wheels, The Mavericks, and many many more.  The Fest is SOLD OUT but that is why you must join our coastal caravan "Back To The Beach Part 3" starring you and Yarn next week!!! 

7.12 - The Backstreet Pub - Beaufort, NC (tix at door)

7.14 - Gaffer's - Emerald Isle, NC (FREE)

7.15 - The Palm Room - Wrightsville, NC (tix at door)

7.16 - Charleston Pour House - Charleston, SC (early deck show)

Then, Blake heads West for a solo show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA and quite possibly a show in the San Diego area with Trevor MacArthur (we'll know and announce soon)

To cap off July we've got The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV on July 30th.  This is the longest we've gone without playing the Purple Fiddle since the band started in 2006!!! We'll make it super special.  And last but certainly not least on July 31st we'll be playing The 5th Annual Grass In The Glades Festival with The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, Arkansauce, and many more...

Please click below for tickets to these shows plus future dates in NYC, Madison, VA, Easton, MD, Kennett Square, PA, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Appaloosa Music Fest, Rooster Walk, Hocking Hills Music Fest and MORE....

5.11.21 - Wow. We knew it was gonna be fun, but not that much fun. We saw lots of smiles, they were all very contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so incredibly lucky and grateful that we even got to be a part of hosting such an event. Heavy Peace, Soul Grind, Violet Bell, The Jared Stout Band, and SHANE SPAULDING were most definitely the perfect additions to this past weekend, big thanks to all of them. And the biggest thanks goes to Rooster Walk, all the staff and all the volunteers, and all the vendors. We will be getting some merch from the festival to sell up on our webstore hopefully today in case you didn't get a chance to take any home. Thank you all so much once again!!! Cloud Bobby photo credit.

4.29.21 - Schedule announced. 


4.15.21 - Calling all fans, DOWNLOAD this banner and use it on your Facebook page.  Lets get the word out folks...

4.9.21 - Ladies and gentlemen, you are all cordially invited to The Yarn Picnic at Pop's Farm in Axton, VA on May 7th and 8th. Serving up 2 helpings of Yarn with these tasty side dishes, James Justin Burke of James Justin & Co. and featuring his new band, Soul Grind. Violet Bell with Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez. Joey Recchio and Ashley "Wook" Sutton of BIG DADDY LOVE and featuring their new band Heavy Peace. And last but certainly not least, The Jared Stout Band with our old buddy Robby Carden.


This is a family affair folks, we have so much love for all these people joining us on stage and have for years. Trust me when we say, there will be mash ups all day and night, a plethora of various musical collaborations. And we'll close it out Saturday night after Yarn's long set with a large gathering of all these fine musicians on stage for the Dessert Set. Yummy in our tummies!!!

ON-SITE CAMPING.  This is NOT A POD SHOW, but it is a socially distanced show,  about as close to normal as we get right now.  All presented by Rooster Walk, we love those folks so much.  Tickets go on-sale today at 10am and can be purchased HERE



3.19.21 - We're crawling out of our holes folks, and y'all should too. We've got shows in April, you heard it right, Bobby, Rod, Ricky, and Blake are hitting the road together again, in a van. The rougher the roads the better. And here is the final schedule...

4.08 - Blue Jay Listening Room - Jacksonville, FL

4.09 - The Funky Biscuit - Boca Raton, FL

4.10 - Stringbreak Fest - Brooksville, FL

4.13 - Charleston Pour House - Charleston, SC (2 shows)

4.14 - One World Brewing - Asheville, NC

4.16 - Grove Winery & Vineyards - Gibsonville, NC

4.17 - Alder Creek Farm - Troy, VA (sold out)


3.5.21 - Here we go again!!! Coming to you live from the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Blake & Ricky's Mountain Stream 2 will once again feature the amazing Mike Sivilli from Dangermuffin and Moon Brothers. We will be spotlighting a great album from the year 2000. So please spread the word and invite all your friends, and we will do our best to thoroughly entertain you for at least 90 minutes on Yarn's Facebook Page. See y'all THIS Sunday, March 6th at 5pm EST, tips appreciated but not necessary...

Venmo - @Blake-Christiana
PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana
Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

2.23.21 - A few things are a stirrin' in the live music world over here at Yarn headquarters.  Blake, Rick & Mike Sivilli are doing another trio show at 185 King Street in Brevard, NC on March 6th, this show has sold out each time so get your TICKETS HERE NOW, don't snooze folks.  Also, Yarn will be playing its first shows of 2021.  Where else but Florida of course, we have 3 or 4 shows down in the good old Sunshine State, but the only one we can announce so far is Stringbreak Music Festival in Brooksville FL on Saturday April 10th.  STRINGBREAK TICKETS HERE. Stay tuned here for further dates to be announced.  THE LIGHTS ARE COMING BACK ON FOLKS, Let's Dance!!!!

2.9.21 - This Thursday, February 11th, live from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Blake is back, but unfortunately without any special guests. But, Mandy & Chloe will most definitely be there. No repeats from previous streams, nothing but fresh new sounds over on Facebook Live. Hope you all can make it. Please help us spread the word and we'll see ya soon!!!

TIP JARS:  Venmo - @Blake-Christiana

PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana

Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

1.27.21 - New name, new location, and even more fun. Coming to you live from the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Blake & Ricky's Mountain Stream will feature a special guest this week, the amazing Mike Sivilli from Dangermuffin and Moon Brothers. So please spread the word and invite all your friends, and we will do our best to thoroughly entertain you for at least 90 minutes. See y'all on Thursday, tips appreciated but not necessary...

TIP JARS: Venmo - @Blake-Christiana

PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana

Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

1.15.21 - Hell has officially frozen over!!! Bassist extraordinaire, Rick Bugel will be joining Blake for a 4th installment of his Reluctant Livestream Series. Tune in  on Facebook Live TONIGHT!!!  Friday, January 15th at 7pm!!! Deep cuts, requests, favorite album feature, covers, Mandy's Pick, and our newest feature, Rick's Picks!!! See y'all there and as usual tips are appreciated but not necessary...


Venmo - @Blake-Christiana

PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana

Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

1.5.21 - Hey everybody, The Christiana, Bugel & Sivilli show this weekend at 185 King Street has been rescheduled for Friday, January 22nd.  If you already purchased a ticket for 1/9 your tickets will be honored at the new show. If you cannot make the new date and would like a refund please check your email for more information.  

1.2.21 - Blake wrote this song on New Years' Eve 2020. Rod, Blake and Bobby started recording it the same day, and finished it 2 days later. "Here's to a lot more fun..." In 2021.


1.1.21 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Tune in today at 5PM EST!!! Blake, Mandy, and Chloe are coming back to Facebook Live for a 3rd installment of Blake's Reluctant Livestream. They are currently quarantining from a possible Covid-19 exposure, so in other words, why not? What else are they going to do??? So join them here on New Years' Day to find out what deep cuts, requests, and covers Blake might pull out for the occasion. Will Chloe bark for once? Will there be another brand new song? What album will Blake highlight this time? Are they infected? Don't miss the answers to all these questions and more...


Venmo - @Blake-Christiana
PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana
Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

All tips will go toward the production, promotion, and release of our forthcoming album, "Hope For Better Days"

12.20.22 - It's true, join meagain this Tuesday evening on Facebook Live at 8pm.  I promise to do my best to keep you all engaged and entertained for about 90 minutes.  Will I succeed???  Attention spans are pretty short these days, but i sure do hope so.  TUNE IN and let me know by throwing a few internet bucks into the virtual tip jar.  

Venmo - @Blake-Christiana
PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BlakeChristiana
Cashapp - $BlakeChristiana

All tips will go toward the production, promotion, and release of our forthcoming album, "Hope For Better Days"

12.17.22 - Here we go again. Mandy, Chloe, and Blake had so much fun last time that they're giving it another go. Brand new show, brand new time, same format. So, if ya feel like it, tune in on Tuesday, December 22nd at 8pm EST for Part Deux of Blake's Reluctant Livestream. What all time favorite album will Blake highlight this time? What requests will he play? Which deep cuts will he choose? Blake & The Family Dog? Stop in next Tuesday for the answers to all this and more.



12.11.20 - Ok.  It's happening this weekend on Facebook Live.  (My ignorance thought I could simulcast on Facebook and Instagram, but I can't, so Facebook it is). This Sunday at 5pm EST, that's 4pm CST, 3pm in the mountains and 2pm out Californy way.  Old cuts, new cuts, deep cuts, and cuts I didn't even write.  Mute the TV, watch the game and listen to me.  If it's fun and y'all enjoy it, maybe I'll do it again.  SPREAD THE WORD.  I'll be putting out the virtual tip jar.  Requests anyone???

12.10.20 - Lots of news about Georgia these days, but let's not forget, one of the greatest songs ever written was about Georgia.  We covered it a few years ago and never released it.  So here it finally is.  Tune out the noise and share the music folks.  We hate to toot our own horns, but this sounds good. 


12.3.20 - It don't pay much, but it's nice to know people are listening.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in this year.  Our best path to greater success is our fans, keep spreading the good word, and we will do our best to keep bringing you our best, and the best is yet to come.  That's a lot of "best's"! Love you all.

11.17.20 - Hey everybody, Blake here.  Mandy, Chloe and I are back from our month long journey out west on the open road. We knew it would be fun, and it was. I played 10 solo shows over the course of 35 days. Every show was a blast. I got to play with some incredible musicians, they inspired me big time.  Hope to do it again this winter in the warmer and more southern states - Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas!!!.  If you live in any of these states or even live in a state other than one of these, email this website and request info on Blake doing a solo show at your home or in your town.  

There's only one public show on the books right now.  It's a trio show with Blake and Rick from Yarn and Mike Sivilli from Dangermuffin.  It's on Thursday, December 3rd at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC.  Only 30 tickets left, get em now before they're gone...

TICKETS HERE for CBS at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC on 12.3.20

9.28.20 WE'RE BACK. ONE NIGHT ONLY.  I can't believe we are actually posting a ticket link for a public show!!! Thursday, October 8th Yarn will be playing at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, VA. Just 35 miles outside of Washington DC. This will be a safe, socially distanced, table seated (but you can still get up and dance) show with very limited tickets. This will be our first show since the world shut down. The animals are coming out of the cage at last!!! Please join us. This could possibly be our last public show of the year as well, but we certainly hope not. Either way, it's gonna be SPECIAL!!!! Get your tickets now at this link!!!

8.2.20 - Hey everybody, Blake here.  I had a super fun time playing my first public show since March this past Friday. So MUCH fun, that I'm doing it again.  I'll be performing 2 nights at Little Switzerland Orchard & Winery just outside Asheville, NC on September 5th and 6th.  VERY LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR EACH SHOW.  Both shows start at 6pm and will be 2 full sets.  SAFE, SOCIALLY DISTANCED, and RESPONSIBLE.  For those that might attend both shows, I'll do my best to make each show different.  GET TICKETS NOW HERE!

7.22.20 - Wow, it's been 3 months since we last updated this website, and what a long strange 3 months it's been.  We've got a new release in the can and almost ready to go, just trying to decide the right time to hit y'all with it.  The Ricky Nelson Tribute album is currently on hold, but we hope to get it out to you as soon as the timing is right.  Our WEB STORE is fully stocked, and more NEW merch is on its way, please keep checking back in, it's pretty much the only money coming in right now.  Blake is extending his run of private solo shows into the Fall, so please reach out using the CONTACT page and asking for more info.  We'll check back in soon. 

4.22.20 - Hey everybody, Blake here.  The coronavirus has given most of us musicians an overabundance of free time as well as an enormous lack of income.  I've taken taken this opportunity to dig through the vault for some very raw, unreleased, and mostly unheard demos written & recorded by me during the years 2005 through 2010.  This collection has been curated personally by me, and consists of 14 very raw and spontaneous recordings, never really intended for public ears.  You’ll hear some bus squeaks, some verses repeated because there was never anymore written, some less than brilliant lyrics, and even plenty of off-key vocals, but I think that's what makes this collection so much fun. I understand that many of you are in the same position I am and uncertain when and from where your next paycheck will come. Therefore, this album is available FREE to anyone who would like to take a listen. But for those of you who are interested in helping the band and still are comfortably able to do so, you can pay a dollar, you can pay a hundred dollars, you can pay a cool million if ya want to.  Pay $50.00 or more and I will mail you a hand numbered & signed copy limited edition "Old Demons" CD, and only 250 are being printed, EVER.  Thanks for being the most amazing group of music supporters, we are so lucky and grateful to have the coolest, most loyal, and uninhibited fan base on the planet. I just hope you enjoy this little peak into the past.  Please stay healthy and safe.  More to come... 


3.17.20 - Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!  With all our work dried up for the time being, we got some new things at our merch store.  If ya got the means and ya like the goods, now would be a great time to make a purchase.  PLEASE NOTE:  The beach hoodie is only as thick as a tee shirt, it is not a sweatshirt.  NEW MERCH HERE!!!





3.14.20 - We will be taking this all one day at a time.  Don't forget to keep living this thing called life.  Love you all!

1.14.20 -  JUST ANNOUNCED. we are headed back to Utah, Montana, & Colorado in March.

3.5 - O.P. Rockwell - Park City, UT
3.6 - The State Room - Salt Lake City, UT
3.7 - Lewis & Clark - Helena, MT
3.11 - Globe Hall - Denver, CO
3.12 - Moxi Theater - Greeley, CO
3.13 - Steve's Guitars - Carbondale, CO
3.14 - Steve’s Guitars - Carbondale, CO
3.15 - Fort Lewis College - Durango, CO

Please help us spread the word about all these shows. We just love this part of the country and would love to get back more often. Mountain standard time here we come!

Tickets for all these shows are now available HERE!


1.3.20 - Happy New Year!!!  What a way to close out 2019.  Charlottesville, Winston, Raleigh, Richmond, DC, Easton, NYC, and Lancaster, you all showed up and we most certainly felt the love, we hope you did too.  Lots of fun coming this month and we need your help getting the word out including 3 shows that will reprise our Yarn Morrison set from last years Rooster Walk, these shows will also include a full set of Yarn. And of course, Josh Shilling of Mountain Heart on Keys...

1.23.20 - Charleston Pour House - Charleston, SC
1.24.20 - Visulite Theatre - Charlotte, NC
1.25.20 - Forest Park Country Club - Martinsville, VA

PLEASE SHARE & SPREAD THE WORD. Let’s start 2020 right!!!

12.12.19 - Winter is shaping up nicely. Please share and help us spread the word. It’ll be festival season in no time, but until then, put on your boots and jackets and come see us inside!!! Here’s what’s coming...

12.19 - The Southern Cafe and Music Hall - Charlottesville, VA
12.20 - Wise Man Brewing - Winston-Salem, NC
12.21 - Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC
12.27 - The Broadberry - Richmond, VA *
12.28 - Union Stage - Washington, DC *
12.29 - The Avalon Theatre - Easton, MD
12.30 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
12.31 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA
01.17 - The Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
01.18 - The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room - Johnson City, TN
01.19 - The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room - Johnson City, TN
01.21 - Songbirds - Chattanooga, TN
01.22 - TBA
01.23 - Charleston Pour House - Charleston, SC ^
01.24 - Visulite Theatre - Charlotte, NC ^
01.25 - TBA - Martinsville, VA ^
02.06 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT
02.07 - Towne Crier - Beacon, NY
02.08 - The Stone Church - Brattleboro, VT
02.20 - Dew Point Brewing Co. - Yorklyn, DE
02.21 - Roy's Hall - Blairstown, NJ
02.22 - Funk 'n Waffles Syracuse - Syracuse, NY

And in March, we are finally making our way back out to Utah, Colorado, and the beautiful big skies of Montana. Stay tuned!!!

* with Hackensaw Boys
^ with Josh L Shilling on keys

11.20.19 - 2019 is fading away, but that’s ok, we’re going out with a bang!!! Here’s what next. Make your plans, get your tickets and please share and help us spread the word. We like to believe our glory years are always in front of us and 2019 so far was mighty fine. That only means one thing, these final shows of the year are gonna get wild. 

11.29 - The Falcon - Marlboro, NY
11.30 - Sherman Theater - Stroudsburg, PA
12.05 - Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
12.06 - Hawks & Reed PAC - Greenfield, MA
12.07 - Parish Public House - Albany, NY
12.19 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
12.20 - Wiseman Brewing - Winston-Salem, NC
12.21 - Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC 
12.27 - The Broadberry - Richmond, VA
12.28 - Union Stage - Washington, DC
12.29 - Avalon Theatre - Easton, MD 
12.30 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY 
12.31 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA

10.22.19 - NEW YEARS EVE 2019 live at Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA!  The run is complete. Get your tickets now and please help us spread the word. Here it is...

12.27 - The Broadberry - Richmond, VA
12.28 - Union Stage - Washington, DC
12.29 - The Avalon Theatre - Easton, MD
12.30 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
12.31 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster PA

All tickets available in our tour dates page.  Go on and get! 

10.11.19 - LAST MINUTE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! and we need your help. Next Friday nights show on OCTOBER 18, 2019 at Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe, PA is being recorded. If we are happy with the performance and the result of the recording we are going to release it as a live record at some point in the future. Please get the word out and help us fill those seats. For those folks who don’t know, Jim Thorpe is cool little town with plenty of Airbnb’s, an old school Hotel right downtown and a great place to spend a mini vacation. Buy your tickets HERE NOW.

9.30,19 - BIG NIGHT!!! Our dynamic. amazing and talented drummer, Robert Bonhomme will be playing percussion with The Roots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight!!! We are beyond excited to watch. You're the man Bobby!!! Please tune in and spread the word.

9.24.19 - Wow, Bristol Rhythm & Roots, your festival and fans exceeded all expectations.  What a pleasure!!!  More great shows and festivals still to come this year.  And our NYE RUN is shaping up nicely.  We're headed in a different direction this year and we like it....

9.3.19 - The fun never stops.  What a month!!! Strings & Suds, Front Porch Fest, Sol Slam Mountain Jam, Appaloosa, Chattanooga, From Good Homes in Jersey. so many great festivals, thanks to all the hosts, promoters, and fans for making it all happen.  We're headed north a bit this month starting Friday at The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH and on Saturday we are at the Eastbound Throwdown Festival in Salem, NY.  See y'all there and keep checking our dates, we are adding more every week.  

7.30.19 - So far this summer has been nothing but a party, just as it should be.  Floydfest, what a blast, and still so much more to come this year.  Check our dates, spread the word, and we'll see ya out there.  

7.15.19 - The band has been having a blast this summer.  Big love to NYC, MA, and CT last week.  This Week!!!, July 16 through 21st  we'll be back at THE BEACH.  AND PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!!!

7.16 - The Tap Shack - Duck, NC
7.17 - The Bunker - Va. Beach, VA 
7.18 - Turner's HIgh Moon Bar Avon, NC
7.19 - Gaffer's - Ocracoke, NC 
7.20 - Gaffer’s - Ocracoke, NC
7.21 - The Backstreet Pub - Beaufort, NC

Gonna be a party. GET ON THE BUS!!!

6.13.19 - TWO releases today!!!  Both available in our web store right now. First it’s Lucky 13 Vol. 2. For those if you who didn’t join in on our monthly releases in 2018, you can own 24 of those 48 tracks released with Lucky 13 Volumes 1 and 2. Today also marks the release of 2016’s This Is The Year on vinyl, it also comes with a free download of the recordings. Get it now, only a limited number pressed. 

5.29.19 - What a fantastic month, from NY to PA to the great Southeast.  We wrap up our month at Friendly Music Fest in Berwyn, IL this Friday Night alongside Hayes Carll, The Waco Brothers, Cannonball and more.  Last week at Rooster Walk was something special, here is a link to our Thursday and Saturday Nights sets.  PLEASE HAVE A LISTEN...

Live at Pine Grove Stage Rooster Walk 11, Thursday, May 23rd

Live at Lake Stage Rooster Walk 11, Sunday, May 26th (Van Morrison Tribute)


4.30.19 - Merlefest was a freaking blast, big love to everyone who came out to our sets and made us feel so welcome.  Lots of great shows coming up next month, all over the map.  Please check our dates and come join us, it's gonna be a great summer!!!

4.5.19 - The train starts a rolling again next Thursday in Decatur, GA.  Festival season is officially upon us!  Our first festival of the season is next Saturday in Cassellberry, FL.  With many more to follow.  Let's get dirty y'all!!!, please jump on the caravan, and "hear the merry gypsys play!!!"

1.29.19 - What a way to end our first month of 2019. Thank you Roanoke. Thank you Johnson City. Thank you Teri, Zoe, Sam and everyone at The Willow Tree. What a special weekend every year. Can’t wait for number 6 in 2020. Up next Martinsville, Myrtle Beach Charleston, & Durham starting on 2.13. See ya out there. Love you all!!!


1.23.19 - Happy New Year everybody.  Just got back from a great string of shows down in Sunny Florida, we love it down there especially in January.  Next up The Spot on Kirk in Roanoke, VA  & our favorite annual stop at The Willow Tree in Johnson City for their 5th Year Anniversary bash along with Dangermuffin, Big Daddy Love, and even more.  Gonna be a great time.  We've already booked some amazing festival this year including Floydfest, Roosterwalk, Merlefest, and many more to be announced.  February will bring us back to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, & Durham, please just keep an eye on our schedule and we'll see you soon.  


12.13.18 - Our 12th and final installment of Lucky 13 featuring tracks, All Shines Through as the "A side" and Dreamtown as the "B side", along with an alternate version of All Shines Through that you will never be able to get anywhere else. As well as a solo version of the brand new song, Lucky 13. Handwritten lyric and chord sheets and more. ENJOY! Thanks for taking this journey with us.  More and more albums to come, we'll keep ya posted.  


11.6.18 - Hey Everybody. Blake here. In honor of Election Day I recorded this more folksy, slowed down, solo acoustic version of This Is The Year. Don’t forget to vote. It matters.


10.12.18 - PRE-ORDER NOW. Our 10th installment of Lucky 13 comes out TOMORROW!, Saturday, October 13th featuring tracks, Hard Times as the "A side" and Livin' To Die as the "B side", along with an alternate version of Livin' To Die that you will never be able to get anywhere else. As well as a solo version of Abilene. Handwritten lyric and chord sheets and more. ENJOY! and we'll see you right back here in November...



8.13.18 - AND THE RELEASES CONTINUE.  This one is one of our favorites.  Our 8th installment of Lucky 13 features tracks, What For? as the "A side" and Now Is Our Time as the "B side", along with an alternate version of What For? that you will never be able to get anywhere else. As well as a solo version of The Contender. Handwritten lyric and chord sheets and more. ENJOY! 


5.31.18 - What an amazing weekend at Rooster Walk!!!  Lets keep this party going, the band is live, Saturday June 2nd at Devil's Backbone in Roseland, VA with Dangermuffin and The 77's.  Set up your tent and stay all night.  Buy your tickets now, save 5 bucks, lets pack this place out!!!


5.13.18 - Lucky 13 Part 5 is out today everybody! Have you heard parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 yet? Well if not go on and get them too. Part 5 features In The Moonlight as "side a" and American Dream Dying as "side b", with an alternative version of In The Moonlight included as well as Blake doing an acoustic solo version of Strikes & Gutters. 6 more to come, stay tuned!!!!ORDER HERE NOW!!!

4.23.18 - Tonight everybody, our dear friend and fellow musician, Rex Moroux is going to be on Jeopardy. If you’re an avid Yarn listener you may have heard his name dropped in our song Strikes & Gutters. He’s an amazing songwriter and one brilliant dude and now he’s taking on the king of all trivia shows. Tune in tonight and let’s root for Rex! Thanks for a great weekend of shows. We had a big time blast. See you next week in Salisbury, NC for Earth Day Jam.

4.13.18 - Lucky 13 Part 4 is out today everybody! Have you heard parts 1, 2 and 3 yet? Well if not go on and get them too. Part 4 features Hurricane as "side a" and Promised Land as "side b", with an alternative version of Hurricane included as well as Blake doing an acoustic solo version of Alone On The Weekend from Yarn's 2010 release, Come On In. Hurricane clocks in at nearly 7 minutes and Josh Shilling is featured on keys on Promised Land. 12 tracks released, 36 to go, stay tuned!!!! ORDER HERE NOW!!!

3.12.18 -  Lucky 13 Part 3 comes out tomorrow everybody! Have you heard part 1 and part 2 yet? Well if not go on and get it now. Part 3 features Too Young as "side a" and Road Less Travelled as "side b", with an alternative version of Too Young included as well as Blake doing an acoustic solo version of Now You're Gone from Yarn's 2016 release, This Is The Year. We feel it's a damn fine collection and you will not be disappointed. Josh Shilling is featured on keys on Too Young and Gary Grammer is featured on harmonica on Road Less Traveled. We've also gotten some feedback on WAV files verses MP3, so we've included MP3 files of Too Young and Road Less Traveled for those who prefer MP3's. PRE-ORDER NOW and get Lucky 13 Part 3 first thing tomorrow...


1.6.18 - One week from today, our first installment of Lucky 13 will be available for your listening pleasure. We’ve even added another track to the package. Blake will be recording a solo acoustic version of a classic Yarn song for each release. Pre-order NOW and get it first thing next Friday the 13th!!!!

12.29.17 - Happy New Year Everybody.  Got a few shows left this year, and they're gonna be doozies!!!

12.4.17 - Hey Everybody, Blake from Yarn here,

We've got new music and we want you all to hear it, but we really want to do something different.  So what we are going to do, is release what we are calling virtual 45's, we'll release one each month for the entire year of 2018.  Remember what 45's were?  some of you might not, they were singles back in the old days, they're smaller vinyl records that spin faster, at 45 rpm, they had a Side A and a Side B, one song on each side, and that's how it was done, and that's how we're going to do it again, only entirely through our website, digital only (no actual vinyl 45.)

The project is called, Lucky 13, you know, because we're all so damn lucky, and 13 just happens to be our favorite number, hell I was born on the 13th, and so was Rod, my jersey in youth hockey had a big 13 on it, Rod lives on 13th St in Brooklyn, I even turned 21 on Friday the 13th,  don't remember much of it but that's another story for someone else to tell.  13 just seems right.  

We'll be releasing each virtual 45 on the 13th of every month, starting January 13th.  There will be unique artwork, we'll tell you about the songs, we might even get a little weird and add some other content just for fun.  Along with the download of the 45, which includes 2 brand new original songs, we will include a unique alternate version of one of those tracks, that alternate version track will only ever be available by purchasing the 45, it will never be on a record, it will never be on iTunes, and it will NEVER be on Spotify.  

That's 24 new tracks and 12 alternate versions for your listening pleasure, so get on board, and join us all year long for brand new music from Yarn.  

Lucky 13's virtual 45's is gonna be a good time, you'll see, stay tuned...

10.3.17 - Afternoon everybody. Blake here. It's been a tough couple of days in this country. My love goes out to everyone affected by the tragedy in Vegas. Absolutely heartbreaking.

As for Tom Petty, I just don't remember life without him. From the moment I can remember listening to the radio, he's been there. MTV, he owned it. Traveling Wilbury's, even my dad bought those records and wore them out.

My brother was a huge fan before I fully dug in. He bought the Southern Accents album when I was probably around 12 years old, and ever since, this has been THE Tom Petty tune for me. Go figure, a Yankee in New York and this was my favorite tune.

You're going to hear lots of Petty tributes in the days and weeks to come, and rightfully so. I woke up this morning and recording mine, hopefully he'd approve. Love you Tom and always will.

DOWNLOAD FREE MP3 of Blake's cover of Southern Accents HERE

8.24.17 - WHEN THE SUMMER ENDS, we play and keep right on playing...  Lots of date being added to wrap up 2017.  We're solo out tonight in Saratoga Springs, NY and that always feels good.  Thanks to everyone who made that happen.  LOVE YOU.  Please go get your tickets now for our show next week in Waynesboro, VA on September 1st, lets make that a sell out too.  Let's do it!  We've added a couple new shows for September including a return to Camp Jam in The Pines, in South Jersey.  Great lineup, gonna be a blast.  Please check our dates below and spread the word, see you all soon...

September 1, Waynesboro, VA - Wayne Theatre
September 2, Virginia Beach, VA - American Music Fest
September 8, Morgantown, WV - 123 Pleasant St.
September 9, Martinsville, VA - Brewster Walk
September 15, Beacon, NY - Towne Crier
September 29, Gatlinburg, TN - Sugarlands Music Fest
September 30th, Richmond, VA - The Shack Up (early show)
October 13th, Raleigh, NC - NC State Fair
October 28th, Winston-Salem - Wise Man Brewing

5.26.17 - Summertime and the livin's easy!!!  Our summer schedule is filling up nicely, please check our dates and mark your calendars.  We hope to see you out on the road all bronzed up and ready to party.  We start tonight in Durham, NC and continue on into Roosterwalk complete with a Stones tribute set on Sunday night! 

5.12.172 NEW DATES ADDED to our Western Swing this month. Wednesday, April 19th at Panida Theater in Sandpoint, ID and Saturday, April 22nd at Dark Horse Saloon in Missoula, MT. Full schedule below, please help us spread the word. See y'all next week and we CAN NOT WAIT...

April, 13 Pueblo, CO - Songbird Cellars
April, 14 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre*
April, 15 Fort Collins, CO - Hodi's Half Note*
April, 16 Secret Show - TBA on 4.15
April, 18 Salt Lake City, UT - Email page for tickets
April, 19 Sandpoint, ID - Panida Theatre
April, 20 Whitefish, MT - Great Northern Bar & Grill**
April, 21 Helena, MT - Lewis & Clark Brewing**
April, 22 Missoula, MT - Dark Horse Saloon
April, 23 Bozeman, MT - The Filling Station**

*opening for Hot Buttered Rum
** Moonshine Mountain opening

2.9.17 - 
Wow! What a way to close out an already amazing tour. Black Mountain, the performance you all delivered as a crowd last night was incredible, we felt the love big time. I can only hope we reciprocated accordingly on stage. Thanks for bringing us back to North Carolina with a bang. Can't wait to do that again. On another note, we taped the Buddy & Jim Radio Show a few months back in Nashville, TN at Buddy Miller's house, and it's airing all week on SiriusXM Radio's Outlaw Country. SO TUNE IN!!!

1.12.17 - 
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! We've been avoiding social media for almost 2 weeks now and it felt pretty good. Time to get back to work. We're hitting the road next Friday and headed all the way down to Key West and back. We try to make this trip every year and we love it. Check the dates below and spread the word. 2017, THIS IS THE YEAR!!!

1.20 Johnson City, TN - The Willow Tree
1.21 Charleston, SC - The Pour House
1.24 Stuart, FL - Terra Fermata
1.25 Key West, FL - Green Parrot
1.26 Key West, FL - Green Parrot
1.27 Sarasota, FL - Fogartyville
1.28 Lake Worth, FL - Sons & Daughters
1.31 Atlanta, GA - Smiths Olde Bar
2.01 Chattanooga, TN - Revelry Room
2.02 Greenville, SC - Gottrocks
2.03 Knoxville, TN - Barley's
2.04 Black Mountain, NC - Pisgah Brewery

12.22.16 - We have got 4 great shows coming up to celebrate the arrival of our next year and we don't know about you, but we're ready. You know how we said in 2016, "This Is The Year"? Well 2017, now that's really the year. We'll be starting in Thomas, WV on December 28th, The Broadberry in Richmond, VA on the 29th, The Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC on the 30th, and ringing it all in at Holston River Brewing Company on New Years Eve! Please share this post and help us spread the word. Happy Holidays Everyone!!! We love you all, thanks for keeping us in business.

.  Day 3.  Big thank you to everyone who is actually listening out there.  This has been a particularly intense session of Morning Songs.  The tune I wrote this morning, I've written from the perspective of a parent dealing with the knowledge of their child's struggle with mental illness.  I can only imagine how helpless that must feel.  I hope I did the subject even the slightest bit of justice.  

12.6.16 - The week continues, it always gets a little harder each day, but here goes. This song touches on anxiety and depression. I feel like we all suffer from both of these things sometimes in our lives, some obviously much more severely then others. It's the human condition, it's inevitable. We all need help when we are hit with these thoughts and feelings, and we all treat these symptoms differently, some of us self-medicate with alcohol, recreational drugs, even food, anything, others are diagnosed and take the medicine they've been prescribed, others exercise, or talk or write about it to deal with it. It's just a part of life and there is no shame in any of it. Hopefully this one came out alright...

12.5.16 - It's been almost exactly 3 years since i've delivered a Morning Song, I think that might have been a little too long. But I'm back, hopefully for the entire week, and this week the theme is "Mental Illness." Not exactly an easy subject to tackle, but it is just so present in the world we live in, and it directly effects almost everyone I know in some way. (read more about the song on YouTube)

11.30.16 - December is upon us, and we love December, nothing but celebration, and you've got 8 chances to celebrate with Yarn. LET's DO IT!!!
12.02.16 - Funk N Waffles - Syracuse, NY
12.03.16 - Fountain House - Freedon, NJ

YARN's 2016 Christmas Yarn Balls...
12.16.16 - Rives Theatre - Martinsville, VA
12.17.16 - Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC

Yarn's 2016 New Years Run...
12.28.16 - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
12.29.16 - The Broadberry - Richmond, VA
12.30.16 - Visulite Theatre - Charlotte, NC
12.31.16 - Holston River Brewing - Bristol, TN

10.18.2016 - The show is back on for this Thursday at The Towne Crier in Beacon, NY and the next 10 advance ticket sales gets a free copy of our new CD, THIS IS THE YEAR.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!  Then we are headed to Massachusetts this weekend, Friday Night at The Extended Play Sessions Fallout Shelter in Norwood, MA and Saturday Night at The Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA with our friend, Chris Jacobs. See you there!

9.28.2016 - Our new video for "Now You're Gone" is here! We had a blast making it! Check it out, y'all!

9.6.2016 - Hey Everybody, Blake here, hope you all had an amazing Labor Day Weekend. We've got another video to share with you this morning for "Fallin'" I wrote this song for my wife Mandy, all the pictures in it are of her when she was little. And I just want to say, thank you Mandy for being my muse and giving me all the good ideas. Our new record would not have been even half as good without you. I love you. Hope you enjoy the video...

8.26.2016 - Blake stopped by Exit 97.7 WEXT in his hometown of Schenectady to perform a few songs from the new album. Check them all out here.

8.15.2016 - Our new video for "Easy Road" is here! Check it out!

7.22.2016 - Our brand new video for "Carolina Heart" is premiering exclusively on Glide Magazine! Check it out, y'all! Click HERE to check it out!

7.17.2016 - Tickets on sale now for our show at Centre St. in Schenectady, NY. 3pm. Shane Spaulding's Straight Up opens. And all for a great cause, Ring of Hope Boxing. Click HERE to get your tickets.

7.6.2016 - This Is The Year, y'all! Check out the live acoustic version of our title track!

7.5.16 - We're so excited to announce that we'll be headlining ASHEVILLE BARNAROO Saturday, October 1st! The festival benefits Asheville Music School. We can't wait to head out to Franny's Farm for an incredible weekend! Tickets available now. Get yours here.

6.24.16 - "One of the most creatives albums in some time." - Washington Times. Read the full review here.

6.20.16 - We recorded a live version of "Lies I've Told" at Ovation Sound last month with special guest, Bill Stevens, on piano! Check it out, y'all!

6.8.16 - Our brand new video for "Long Way To Texas" is premiering over on The Alternate Root Magazine! Check it out here, y'all!

6.7.16 - Sat down with Lonesome Banjo Chronicles and talked country music in NYC, John Oates & more! Listen here.

6.4.16 - We've just been added to this event on Monday, June 6th at Crissy Field in San Francisco, CA. Bernie Sanders, Dave Matthews Band, Fishbone, Yarn and more! Say what??? They're expecting 100,000 Bernie fans. Let's turn em into Yarn fans. We're super excited and honored. Share and spread the word. More details here.

5.27.16 - "This Is The Year" is out now! Download on iTunes here.

5.15.16 - Our new album "This Is The Year" is streaming on AllMusic! Listen to the whole album before it's out next Friday! Stream here.

5.14.16 - Our new video for 'Love/Hate' is premiering exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment! Check it out here, y'all!

5.10.16 - We recorded a live acoustic version of "Carolina Heart". This song will be on our new record, "This Is The Year' out May 27th. Pre-order on iTunes here.

5.3.16 - Physical pre-order of our new album is available now! We've got CDs, new shirts & bundled packages! Order here!

4.25.16 - We're huge fans of Michael Jackson, so we covered The Jacksons' "Shake Your Body"! Check it out!

4.19.16 - Check out the premiere of our new song "Now You're Gone" on PopMatters! This Is The Year out May 27th!

4.12.16 - “Love the audience’s reaction to this song; it’s more relatable than I even imagined.” Thanks to The Boot for premiering our song "Sweet Dolly". Listen here.

4.11.16 - Yarn loves us some Paul Simon. This Is The Year, May 27th! Until then, enjoy this. . .

4.1.16 - We have never been more excited to release an album then this one right here. It's been over 2 and a half years, and as much as that has pained me, it was very necessary, this is the record we wanted to make and couldn't have done it at any other time. Pre-order your copy on iTunes here and enjoy the first single. Love to you all. 

3.31.16 - This Is The Year is the title track off our new record that comes out in May.  It sums up the place this band has gotten to over the past year, the future that lies ahead, and at the same time leaves the past in the past.  There is no doubt we can all relate to the sentiment of this song, and I think the video captures how we're all feeling and relays that message even clearer. This IS the year, and so is next year, and the year after that...  We shot this at The Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC, it was a damn good time.

3.24.16 - We recorded a live acoustic version of "I Let You Down" complete with Ricky B. on bowed bass and Rod on accordion. This is the last song on our new record and we can't wait for you to hear the studio version too! May 27th y'all! Enjoy, lots more extra stuff to come.

2.23.16 - This Is The Year!!!  NEW RECORD DROPS ON MAY 27th Y'all.  Super excited for everybody to hear it, best yet by far.  More details to be to be announced soon, till then lets go Sailing...


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Yarn @ A Winter Yarnival...

A Winter Yarnival..., Troy, VA

2 nights of Yarn with other acts to be announced. Only 300 tickets available. This hopes to be a small prelude to The Yarnival, coming in 2022. Camping is available for tents and RV's, all we ask is for a donation to the property owners. Dress warm and if you'd like there is a hotel down the road, Best Western in Zion Crossroads. Password for tickets is YARNival2021


Yarn @ Pop's Farm

Pop's Farm, Axton, VA

Rooster Walk 12 will take place Thurs-Sun, May 26-29, 2022 at Pop's Farm, located in the rolling countryside surrounding Martinsville, Va.